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Yes, I want to end the hassle and confusion of guessing what to say on Social Security Disability forms. I want access to your client proven and time tested suggested answers to the hundreds of questions asked by Social Security in the disability forms sent to claimants like me. I understand that you are not giving me legal advice and I have read the legal disclaimer on this web site.

Please send me my Disability Answer Guide, including copies of the official Social Security forms used in Disability evaluation, suggested answers to the forms, a functional capacity form I can bring to my doctor to “translate” my medical problems into specific work limitations, suggested responses to questions on the functional capacity form, a second functional capacity form for mental health impairments that I can bring to my doctor to “translate” my mental health problems into specific functional limitations, copies of notices issued by Social Security in actual cases so I will know what to look out for, and copies of both favorable and unfavorable hearing decisions so I can learn how a Judge has analyzed the evidence in an actual case


[ ] Please send me by mail a printed copy of the Disability Answer Guide along with the Guide on CD + the bonus audio program. I have enclosed a check or money order in the amount of $125 payable to Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.


[ ] Please deliver my Disability Answer Guide in CD format. I understand that I will receive the Guide along with a bonus audio program. My email address is as follows:______________________.  I have enclosed a check or money order in the amount of $99.95 payable to Ginsberg Law Offices, P.C.


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